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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

when the time is running out !

much2 work to do.. still in progressing.. duhh~
ape pon sem ini lebih rajin berbanding sem yang lepas.. werkk~ 
maybe dipengaruhi oleh roommates2 yang tersangat2 rajin study 24jam siang dan malam non-stop. pergh.. memang aku salute gila.. for you guys, good luck yeah.. ;)
next week sangat2 pack dengan test and quiz.. so i have to work harder and harder if i want to increase my cgpa.. and also wants to make my parent proud of me. (especially my dad ).. 
right now i just want to change my study mode into sleeping mode. so tired and ngantok sesangat.. caffein doesnt mean anything for me at this time.. 
nytez everyone. 

p/s : to my luvly sayang, gud nyte to u too.. <3

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